Originally from India, basil is the star of Italian and southern cuisine. Aroma one basil puree is carefully prepared with 65% fresh basil from France, a touch of olive oil and lemon juice. Ingredients : Basil* 68%, sunflower oil* 23%, unrefined sea salt, extra virgin olive oil* 3%, lemon juice concentrate*, guar gums*. *organic ingredients  Degustation With […]


Ginger is the underground stem of a tropical plant. Pungent and fragrant, it is a condiment often used in Asian cuisine. Ginger is also known for its health benefits, such as its ability to relieve nausea and pain, reduce inflammation and improve digestion. Degustation Add a unique flavor and a touch of heat to your […]


Garlic makes your everyday cooking more enjoyable. Our Aroma one garlic puree is carefully prepared with fresh garlic from France, peeled and finely chopped for an authentic flavor. It is enriched with olive oil to give it a smooth and creamy texture, and a touch of lemon juice for freshness. In addition to its delicious […]


Discover the sunny scent and flavor of Italy with our Aroma one Italian herb puree! Our puree is made from a clever blend of aromatic plants (thyme, rosemary, savory and oregano), and enhanced with a touch of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Degustation Traditionally used for meats, fish, grilled vegetables, marinades and pizzas, […]


Indispensable in Asian, Oriental and Indian cuisine, coriander is an aromatic plant with finely cut and very fragrant leaves. In addition to its delicious flavor, cilantro is rich in nutrients and antioxidants! Degustation Flavor your Thai rice recipes, fish, meats or pies with this Aroma One coriander puree, prepared with a touch of extra virgin […]