Welcome to Aroma One, your destination for tasty, convenient cooking since 1956. We’re proud to offer you a diverse range of innovative products, from aromatic tubes to squeezable herb and spice purees, as well as a selection of organic and conventional cooked vegetables. For decades, we’ve been committed to providing you with quality culinary solutions to brighten up your dishes and simplify your experience in the kitchen. Explore our aromatic universe and discover how Aroma One can make every meal even more delicious and inspiring.

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Combining the taste and simplicity of culinary aids, we manufacture all our products in France, 100% origine France. We are proud to offer our customers a varied range of innovative products, including aromatic tubes, herb and spice purees for squeezing, and a selection of organic and conventional cooked vegetables.

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We are convinced that a tasty recipe is prepared with good ingredients and is enhanced by tasty cooking aids.​ Our range of organic and natural recipe enhancers consists of aromatic herbs or spices that are blended with extra virgin olive oils and lemon juice. All ingredients are pureed and packaged in tubes for easy and regular use

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Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Aroma One, the undisputed leader in organic and conventional cooked vegetables and quality cooking aids since 1956. Our commitment to culinary excellence is reflected in every product, all presented in aromatic tubes for simple, effective use.

At Aroma One, we preserve the natural freshness of our ingredients by puréeing them and packaging them in our tubes. This method guarantees optimum preservation of their authentic flavors.

As a proud member of the Rivière group, our brand embodies the harmony between tradition and innovation. We firmly believe that a delicious recipe requires quality ingredients and is enhanced by refined culinary aids.

Discover our range of natural cooking aids, combining aromatic herbs, spices, virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Each ingredient is meticulously pureed and packaged in aromatic tubes for easy, regular use.

Dive into authenticity and practicality with Aroma One, where each aromatic tube contains the very essence of gastronomy.