In our selection of Aroma One recipes, you’ll discover a veritable symphony of flavors, highlighting the richness and diversity of our products. For starters, immerse yourself in Mediterranean authenticity with pan con tomate, a delicious combination of crusty bread, juicy tomatoes and fragrant olive oil. Continue your taste journey with mussels stuffed with parsley garlic butter, a traditional recipe revisited with a touch of creativity and finesse.

Fancy an Italian getaway? Let yourself be tempted by our homemade pesto tagliatelle, where fresh basil meets savory Parmesan in an explosion of flavors. For meat lovers, our beef stir-fry with basil offers an unparalleled taste experience. The tenderness of the meat blends harmoniously with the fresh aromas of the herbs.

For an exotic touch, dive into our coriander guacamole, where the freshness of avocado meets the liveliness of coriander for an irresistible dip. Or let yourself be carried away by our ginger lime marinated shrimps. An explosion of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds with every bite.

Looking for a comforting dish that’s quick to prepare? Try our mushroom and parsley omelettes, a tasty and nutritious option for a meal on the go. Or for a gourmet evening with friends, treat yourself to our shrimp and ginger pizza. A bold creation that skilfully blends the flavours of the sea with the spicy aromas of ginger.

And these are just some of the delicious recipes you’ll find in our Aroma One collection. Explore our complete selection and be inspired to create delicious, memorable dishes for every meal.

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